『新発売』New Mercox UKit が新しく米国Ladd社から発売になりました。

弊社より従来発売しておりました、株式会社バイリーメディカル製のメルコックスCLシリーズの製造中止に伴い、新しく米国 Ladd Research社で開発された New Mercox UKit を輸入販売する事になりました。 従来のメルコックス CLシリーズと比較して粘度が低いため、メタクリル酸メチルを加えて使用する必要がありません。 硬化剤と組み合わせて、そのまま使用することが可能です。 低粘度ですので、毛細血管まで浸透して微細構造を再現します。

1. #07-1001 Red Mercox UKit (450g Mercox UResin and 50g Catalyst) \80,000.-
2. #07-1002 Blue Mercox UKit (450g Mercox UResin and 50g Catalyst) \80,000.-
3. #07-1003 Clear Mercox UKit (450g Mercox UResin and 50g Catalyst) \80,000.-

Kidney glomerulus corrosion cast
scanned with confocal microscope.
Choreocapillaris of frog eye.
Corrosion cast scanned with confocal
Kidney glomerulus corrosion cast.
scanned with confocal microscope.
INSTRUCTIONS for MERCOX U Catalog Numbers 21245,21246 and 21247
Please Note!! This new Mercox has been formulated with an extremely low viscosity and is to be used as is. We strongly advise that this product NOT be diluted with methyl methacrylate to lower the viscosity.
Mercox Uis modified acrylic casting material consisting of two components, a resin and a catalyst. Characteristics of the system include excellent permeability and infiltration properties, chemical resistance to maceration soluvents, low viscosity, minimal shrinkage and ability to harden at room temperature.
The Mercox Usystem is an excellent choice for producing exact anatomical corrosion specimens by injection into the venous and arterial systems and subsequent maceration. Mercox Uyields a high degree of replicating accuracy with the ability to give clean and completely filled specimens.
Designation Appearance Viscosity(25℃)
Resin Mercox Clear, red or blue liquid 10-15 centipoise
Catalyst Bezoyl Peroxide(50%) White paste ....................................

Polymerization of the complete Mercox U(resin with catalyst) takes place in a relatively short time. Care should be taken to complete all preparations involving the application of Mercox Uprior to the actual mixing of the components. A guide for estimating approximate working time(pot life) following the mixing of catalyst with the resin is as follows:
Resin Catalyst Pot Life(minutes) Cure Time(minutes)
20 0.4-0.5 4-5 7-10
20 1.5-2.0 2-3 5-7

Stir the resin and catalyst thoroughly to insure complete mixing but keep in mind the relatively short pot life. If a larger quantity of resin is needed, it may be prudent to decrease the ratio of catalyst due to the extended time necessary to cast larger amounts and consurrent risk of premature curing. At any rate, fell free to experiment with adjustments to catalyst ratio to speed up or delay the rate of polymerization.
Curing is by an exothermic reaction so it may be preferable to minimize the quantity to be applied at any one time. Twenty milliliters seems to be a suitable quantity.
Handling Precautions

Avoid all direct skin contact
Avoid breathing vapors
If skin contact occurs, wipe off liquid material with disposable towels and immediately washbthoroughly with soap and water.
Care should be taken to avoid contamination of the Mercox U, particularly with reducing agents or amines, as the catalyst contains a peroxide.
Store both the resin and the catalyst in a cool dark cabinet to avoid decomposition of the peroxide catalyst and spontaneous polymerization of the resin.


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